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October 06, 2016

A Pink Rug with White Stars

When my daughter turned four years old, I asked her if she would like to help me redecorate her room. She instantly said yes, and I asked her a few questions to find out exactly what she wanted. She loves pink, and she has really had a fascination for stars for a couple of years. So, we painted her walls a soft pink and added stars all over them. Her floors are hardwood, but she said she wanted a new rug for the cold winter mornings. I decided to look in town at some rugs for sale.

I did find some decent ones, but none of them seemed perfect for her room. I even took her with me because I wanted her to be a part of all the decisions, and she didn’t like any of them either. Rather than be disappointed, we just went online to see if we could find something that would be fitting for her room. We knew that we wanted a pink rug, but we wanted a darker pink than what was on her walls. We did a search for pink rugs for kids’ rooms, and that is how we found The Rug and Flooring Stores.

Not only did we find the perfect color pink, but there was one that had white stars of different sizes all over it. As soon as we both saw it, we knew that it was the one that she needed to have. It is 100 by 150 cm, and the material is perfectly safe for her to play on. I knew she would be laying on it and maybe even taking naps on it too, so I definitely wanted to make sure it was kid friendly for that, which it is. The price was right, and we didn’t even have to pay for shipping. It just does not get better than this!