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January 22, 2019

Ad Blast The World In Depth Review

Ad Blast The World doesn’t seem like your typical type of List Building service. What they do is provide different packages of Co-Registration leads as well as a service that will send your ad out to hundreds of thousands of Double Optin Leads every month. I’ve made a lot of money in the past promoting these types of services, as well as made sales using these. The problem with most of these List Services is that you just get junk leads with no follow-up support.

I think Ad Blast The World goes a lot further toward being legit. In one video that was made for this service someone who is successful using it made a video. The first thing he said is that you don’t want to hard sell these people, and stressed how important this was not to do this. Instead take them to a squeeze page and offer them something of value for entering their name and email into a subscribe form. You can get more sales than you ever thought possible if you market to them right.

Once you signup there’s a very cool pdf file for you to download. But before you do this you should get Pando which is free software. You don’t have to worry about getting stuck because they have a Download Guide to Co-Registration Leads you can read also. This pdf will tell you everything you need to know about using Co-Registration Leads including how to use Pando.
He emphasized that none of this was particularly difficult. They also have a series of sample emails you can use to get people into your personal autoresponder sequence.

That’s what Ad Blast The World has that the other services don’t. When you first join you just get leads. Then you take these follow-up messages to try to get them to opt-in to your autoresponder. Then later after they’re a subscriber of yours you can try to hard sell them. Jonny Andrews who is a successful Ad Blast The World customer also mentioned he liked the free software called GroupMail. The personal edition is $139.95 and the Business Edition is $349.95. Once you’re a member and have GroupMail you’ll get a spreadsheet and you just simply load it into the software.

This is supposed to be a very user-friendly process. This is what is making me think that this is a very good service. He started a brand new Aweber list called nothing down. He used the software and leads and I was actually able to view screenshot proof that from April 28th through May 12th he was able to generate over 160 Double Optin Leads with this service. Considering the Standard Plan which he used is only $49.95 per month, he was able to monetize his membership very well and proves this system could be a fast way to generate Double Optin Leads.

Ad Blast The World does have more expensive packages, but I’d recommend trying the $49.95 per month plan and see if you can monetize this plan first. Then if you’re successful, by all means upgrade to one of the more robust plans. Jonny Andrews also mentioned and suggested in the video which is also mentioned if the pdf manual you’ll receive, that once you send someone an inexpensive offer up front, then back-end market a relatively inexpensive continuity program to them. If you do this and follow this procedure from soup to nuts, you have a great chance of making this program work for you.