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Legal Notice – Data Protection

In accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, and Deliberation No. 2006-138 of May 9, 2006 of the CNIL, the automated processing of personal data carried out from the website aimed the Information and communication are not the subject of a declaration to the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL).
The Internet user is informed that, in accordance with Article 27 of the said Act, the information it communicates via the forms on the website are necessary for the execution of the service offered by the company. The information provided by users may also, subject to the consent of the Internet user concerned, be communicated to partners of the Company. Some information requested in the forms are mandatory. They are marked with an asterisk. The recording of this information by the user is imperative for the processing of his application.
Thus, only requests that required information has been filled in correctly will be shared with partners. The user undertakes not to disclose and not to register on the website that truthful information, sincere, fair and faithful to its coordinates, its business and its needs. The user is informed that he has a right to access, correct and delete, on the data by writing to the website operator whose coordinates are:

1. Terms of Use
These Terms of Use are the property of Oùestmap. Consequently, and without this list being exhaustive, any dissemination, exploitation, representation, reproduction or use, total or partial, in any medium, of these Terms and Conditions for purposes other than strictly personal, is subject to prior authorization Oùestmap. Without this authorization, the offender is liable to charges and to criminal and civil prosecution under the law.
Oùestmap is an innovative geo-location site allows the user, subject to their prior registration, create, comment and share descriptions and locations assessments. Oùestmap does not guarantee the accuracy of the information presented which are written under the full responsibility of the member and thus Oùestmap is not responsible for the content that users put online (image, photo, ..). In accordance with the practices and uses of the Internet, advertising can be inserted within the Site. Trademarks in this site are the property of their depositors. Oùestmap not acquire any ownership rights in your content.

The onscreen user will be aware and responsible for its content and that will by thousands Oùestmap.Vous site visitors are informed that, in view of the intrinsic characteristics of the Internet, the transmitted data, including your Content, are not protected against risks of diversion and / or piracy, which we can not be held responsible. It is your responsibility, if any, to take all appropriate measures to protect such data. Thus, you acknowledge to be fully informed, in particular, the files can be intrusions by unauthorized parties and accordingly be corrupt or downloaded, and that information circulating on the Internet are not protected against possible misuse , against any viruses and that any person is likely to create a link giving access to your file. Oùestmap will in no event be liable for damages of any nature whatsoever incidental or suffered by you or third parties and caused or not by third parties.

In addition, during the period of hosting your Content and under strict functionality to make the Site accessible via the Internet or other electronic communication media, you authorize us to reproduce / represent your content and as where necessary, to adapt the format and to conform to the look of the site and make it compatible with its technical performances or the formats of related media. These rights are granted by you to Oùestmap company for the world and for the duration of hosting your Content.

Furthermore, you may not copy, reproduce, and / or use content from other users other than for the strict needs of using the services of the Site for personal and private purposes. If you want to give another holding, including commercial, the Content of another user, it is your responsibility to obtain advance of it the necessary permissions.
2. Access and registration for services Oùestmap

To access the site and use the services of the Site, you must have a computer equipment, software, telecommunication means and settings required for the operation of the Internet. These facilities are at your sole responsibility, as are the telecommunication costs incurred by their use. As such, you guarantee that you know the characteristics of Internet use.

To benefit from the features of the Site, you must create an account using the online form provided for this purpose. You remain free at any time to modify the content of the Personal Data communicated on this occasion. Upon validation of the form, you will receive an email asking you to click on a link in order to confirm your registration. Access to your account can be done by entering your username and associated password, you make only confidentiality. Use of the Site following your registration is valid for an indefinite period.

In case you would be a minor, you must first obtain the permission from your parents or (or) holder (s) of parental authority about you before you register and / or use the Services .
If access to services by minors, it is strongly recommended that parents (or holders of parental authority) monitor the use made by their children access to services and keep in mind that Services at issue are intended to reach a wide audience and that their quality is their responsibility to determine which service is or is not appropriate for their (s) child (ren) and monitor their use in . Oùestmap remind you that browsers and specific software can filter access to sensitive or insecure content. You are solely responsible for the acquisition, use and possible configuration of these filter systems.

The Member guarantees that the information communicated is accurate and truthful. It undertakes to inform immediately if Oùestmap modify data he provided during registration and, if appropriate, to carry himself with such changes in his personal space Oùestmap site.

When the conditions required for registration are met, each Member shall have one or more identifier (s) (login) and one or more word (s) pass, depending on the different services which it s’ is registered (Internet, newsletters …), which are strictly personal and confidential and shall not be disclosed or shared with third parties.

Except in case of own fault Oùestmap or technical failure of the Service, the Member will be responsible for the use of these identification elements by third parties or for actions or statements made through the Member’s personal account, that ‘they are fraudulent or not Oùestmap and guarantees against all claims of this kind. Furthermore, Oùestmap has no obligation and does not have the technical means to check the identity of people registering for its services. If the Member has reason to believe that someone is using his identification elements or account, he must inform Oùestmap immediately.

For safety and quality of service, Oùestmap disables the accounts of Members who have not been used for a period greater than or equal to 12 months after termination of a subscription.
It is important to take certain precautions when event meetings with another Member. Oùestmap disclaims any responsibility for meetings between Members of Oùestmap on Oùestmap or during meetings between Members and / or non-members following the use of the site Oùestmap and Services. Moreover, during a first physical meeting, you should tell someone close.

In this context, Oùestmap reminds its Members that they are prohibited to indicate or disclose to other Members information enabling their identification (excluding the pseudo Member), such as name, postal address and / or electronic, telephone, other Members to Oùestmap through the Services.

The Site is in principle accessible 24 / 24h, 7 / 7d except interruption, scheduled or not, for the purposes of maintenance or force majeure. Being made subject to an obligation of means, we can not be held responsible for any damage of whatever nature, resulting from the unavailability of the Site.

3. Prohibited Content

Oùestmap is legally required to set up an easily accessible and visible device allowing any person to bring to its attention the broadcast, via the Site, content on:
advocating crimes against humanity, incitement to racial hatred, child pornography, incitement to violence, injury to human dignity.
You have for this purpose a dedicated form by clicking on the link “Alert”, systematically located next to the content. You can also send us a detailed letter specifying the date, your identity, the URL of the content in question, its description and the identifier of its author.

Following receipt by Oùestmap, a report addressing the offenses mentioned above, the content in question immediately will be a suppression of the Site and information of relevant public authorities.

For all practical purposes, it is reminded that, for anyone to present content or activity as illegal in order to obtain the withdrawal or to stop the broadcast, when she knows that inaccurate information is punishable by one year imprisonment and 15,000 euros fine.

External Links:
Oùestmap is only responsible for hypertext links it creates and has no control sites and external sources to which redirect hyperlinks accessible on the Service, and that it would not have created (the “External Sites “). It can not be held responsible for the provision of links pointing to External Sites and can not bear any responsibility for their content, advertising, products, services or other items on or available from such External Sites which it would not have an effective and prior knowledge.

Any difficulty on a link must be submitted to the administrator or webmaster of the site in question. It is also noted that the consultation and / or use of these sites and external sources are governed by their own Terms of Use.

Finally, if, as part of a research conducted on the site Oùestmap, the result of it would cause the Member to point to sites, pages or forums whose title and / or content constitutes a violation of the law French, the Member is required to cease consultation of the site concerned may be held liable in the opposite case, that of Oùestmap being excluded.

In your supplier of quality Site Content, be it videos, photos, texts and / or comments you make it, you are bound to respect the laws and regulations in strengths. It is your responsibility therefore to ensure that the storage and dissemination of such Content via the Site does not, including (i) a violation of intellectual property rights of third parties (eg clips, television broadcasts, short, medium and / or long footage, animated or otherwise, advertising, which you have not produced personally or for which you do not have permission of rights holders thirds of those), (ii) a violation of people (including defamation, insults, abuse, defamation etc.) and respect for privacy, (iii) a breach of public order and morality (in particular, defending crimes against humanity, incitement to racial hatred, pornography child, etc.), (iv) an act of unfair competition.

Personal 4.Données

This section illustrates Oùestmap commitment with regard to respect your privacy and protection of personal data (the “Data”), collected and processed in connection with your use of the Site under the conditions

The data collected and further processed by us are those that you voluntarily provide to us via the Site Registration Form and concern at minimum, city, postal code, gender (as an option), a username , a password and a valid email address. The data collected automatically by the website is your IP address (your computer’s address), to the exclusion of any other. Furthermore, in the context of using the Website, you may be asked to provide certain information, indications and / or contained (photography and / or video) optionally. These data may, under your sole responsibility to disclose to third parties your ethnic origin, nationality, religion and / or your sexual orientation. By providing such information, you express your wish and your consent to the processing of such data by the Oùestmap society. Oùestmap uses cookies and other technologies to facilitate and customize your use of the Services. Oùestmap default implements one or more “cookies” on your computer or receiving terminal, in order to facilitate your navigation, optimize advertising spaces and store your login and password. The shelf life of this information in your computer is expressly limited to the duration of each session or permanent as long as the box “Remember me” is ticked. You remain free to oppose the registration of cookies by configuring your browser.
Your registration on the Site and acceptance of these Terms implies express acceptance by you of the use by the company Oùestmap of this disclosure. The personal information and Personal Data about you that is collected during your registration on the Site and using it, are used by the company to Oùestmap you benefit from our service offers. All precautions have been taken on our databases to archive your information in a secure environment. This information is accessible only by certain employees when needed. The personal information provided during registration, other than your user name and your city will not be accessible to third parties or transmitted, sold or exchanged. Subject to your prior agreement, the company is likely Oùestmap to send you promotional offers from some of its partners. If you prefer not to receive such promotional offers, the company Oùestmap selects for you, you can specify when you register, or at any time in your personal section on the site where Oùestmap to the email address mentioned in Article 2.7 of these Terms or by post to the address indicated below in the Imprint.

Data recipients
Your data are not subject to any disclosure to third parties without your permission. However, you are informed that they may be disclosed pursuant to a law, a regulation or pursuant to a decision of a competent regulatory or judicial authority or, if necessary, for the purposes of preserve its rights and interests.

Security and data retention
Oùestmap attaches particular importance to the security of your data and implement appropriate measures in order to limit the risk of loss, damage or misuse thereof.

The data is stored at the host and are kept for the time strictly necessary to achieve the aims mentioned above. Beyond this period, they will be kept for statistical purposes only and will not be any exploitation, of any nature whatsoever.

You have a right to access and correct your data by sending a request to do so via email or mail Contact
Under current regulations, data collected during registration is kept by Oùestmap as evidence of the contract and proof of communication and sending any data. The archiving of these data by Oùestmap is made on a reliable and durable in accordance with legal provisions in strengths. In case of dispute between the data and stored by Oùestmap and any document provided by you, it is expressly agreed that the information and data Oùestmap precedence over your documents and will only be allowed as evidence. When using the services of the Site, our servers automatically record information such as your IP address, type, browser language, and the date and time of each connection.

The data is stored at the host’s website identified within Imprint and are kept for the time strictly necessary to achieve the aims mentioned above. Beyond this period, they will be kept for statistical purposes only and will not be any exploitation, of any nature whatsoever.

Reproduction rights / copyright
The graphics (logos, icons, graphics, photographs, animations, videos and texts contained on Oùestmap site are the intellectual property of Oùestmap or its partners and may not be reproduced, used or represented without authorization Oùestmap of express or its partners, under threat of prosecution.

Responsibility Oùestmap
Oùestmap can not be held responsible for all uses diverted, errors or omissions in the information provided. Similarly it can not be held responsible for the availability of network or service interruptions. In case of malfunction, you can contact the team of Oùestmap remains available. The information appearing on the site Oùestmap not constitute an offer of services or products and can not be equated with any solicitation within the meaning of the Act of 3 January 1972