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January 22, 2019

Article Video Robot Expert Review

Well, robots are becoming ubiquitous household items these days–at least, they are on the Internet. The latest robot to come along is the Article Video Robot. This is a truly amazing creation just from the “clever technology” perspective. But for those people who are professional writers and network marketers, this might be a tool that could make them a lot more money.

The Article Video Robot end-user concept is simple: you write an article. You paste this article into the window in the software program. In about three minutes, you’ve got an up-to-10-minute professional-looking video that is ready to be uploaded at YouTube, Video Jug, Meta Cafe, your website, content sites like Associated Content, and any other place you can find that publishes videos on the Net.

Internet marketers have been using article marketing on the Net for some years now, and they know it works. But we also know that video marketing also works. The Article Video Robot gives you the best of both worlds–for every article you can bang out, you can also quickly, easily, and cheaply produce a video. It’s like writing a book and then also making money off the movie version!

Now, this robot’s real power is in its ability to make Internet video production as do-able for writers as Internet writing is. If you aren’t sure why that needs to be done, let it be known that there are some obstacles to making high-quality, professional-looking videos for the Internet for the average person. Videos get indexed into discoverable places in search engines much faster than articles do.

*To get the good quality video making equipment you need, you have to lay out about $1000. Then, if you really go all-out to make a top quality video and you need to use a voice-over professional, you are looking at $10-$25 per minute. The robot makes the video cost you about 97 cents per video, if you pay the $97 monthly fee and make the 100 videos that that price gets you.

*A lot of people struggle with learning how to make quality videos once they have the equipment. This costs them a lot of time, and if they keep making bad videos that don’t get them any business it costs them a lot of money. But this program is virtually automatic, leaving you little “screw up” room.

*It is very difficult to manually submit a video to 20 or so different content sites. A lot of times the process winds up taking hours. Not so with the Robot.

*How do you find the right footage, images, photographs, and music to make a quality video? This can be very hard, and possibly very expensive. But the Robot takes care of all that, too. With your account you get access to 5 GB of hard disk Royalty-Free stock photos in the image library and hundreds of music files for you to use in your videos.

*Using social bookmarking for manually submitted videos can be a nightmare. This software makes it easy.

*Many videos never get much action because the video editor doesn’t allow them to be unique enough to stand out. The AVR account gives you a specialized, high-end video editor that will take care of this problem–and it doesn’t cost you even an extra dime.


We have to give two thumbs way, way up to the Article Video Robot! There’s nothing like this, and with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee what have you go to lose if you want to make your article and video marketing explode?