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December 10, 2015

Turning a SmartPhone into a WiFi HotSpot

Did you know that you can turn just about any smartphone into a WiFi hot spot? I didn’t really know about this until one day before Hurricane Sandy hit us – I was on Facebook and saw someone mention something about it for their iPhone. I don’t have an iPhone, just a simple smartphone that allows me to do what I need to do, so I didn’t think much of it.

So, after the Hurricane struck, my Internet went out and it was out for 4 1/2 days – which seemed like forever to me and I was getting quite annoyed at the length of time it took to come back on, considering my neighbors had it and I didn’t. After getting no where with my Internet provider, I decided to do a search on my phone to see if there was anything for my Nokia. Found something and it had rave reviews, so I downloaded it. Not expecting much, I fired up my laptop and turned on this WiFi app and sure enough – I was online! WOOHOO!! (more…)

December 10, 2015

Using Pinterest To Generate Sales/Traffic To Your Site

My apologies to all my followers – I thought I had set this to go out a few weeks ago, but apparently it never made it – so here is my long over due post.

A few weeks ago I was on a webinar by my good buddy Chris Farrell. He had a guest speaker who is a “Pinterest Specialist” and was giving us tips and tricks on how to get sales and traffic to our websites.

Considering that I didn’t know a whole lot about Pinterest and really thought you couldn’t sell or market your business on there, I never even looked into it further than recipes, diy stuff, etc…kinda seemed like a waste to me. But, let me tell ya, I am really glad I attended that webinar. (more…)

December 10, 2015

Want a Free Worldwide Listing in My New eBook?

Sorry for the delay in writing my first post of the year. As many of you know, I have a new blog, which I recently gave a makeover to and been posting there twice a week to try to gain some sales. I must admit that it gets hard trying to figure out what to write about.

I discovered something while blog hopping with that blog and realized that many people don’t really know how to blog. So, I am going to write a short eBook that will be published on Amazon. (more…)

December 10, 2015

My eBook is Finally Live on Amazon – Blogging Etiquette

That was quite the long time, huh? I know I promised I would get it done by the end of February, but only a month and a half later is not too bad, right? So it’s called “Blogging Etiquette – How to Properly Write and Respond to Blog Posts“.

It’s short, but hopefully to the point. It is not about how to start a blog as this is not what I wanted to put out in this particular book, it’s all about blogging etiquette and what you should and should not do. (more…)

December 10, 2015

Is Your Blog Secure? WordPress Plugins to Help Secure It

Over the past few weeks I have had  a tremendous amount of people trying to hack into this blog and my FreebiesnDeals blog. It’s really ridiculous as to what I have found and the question that really boggles my mind is WHY?? (more…)

December 10, 2015

My Newest Adventure – I’ve Partnered with Dean Holland

Can’t believe it’s been over 3 months since I last made a post. I took time off from all my blogs, not just this one, as I was trying to figure out what I really should be doing.

Well a few weeks ago, I was on a webinar with Dean Holland and filled out an application to partner with him to learn how to get traffic. That is something I have always struggled with. Even with all the other programs I have joined, I just felt I was missing something or maybe it was the way they were training me, not sure. (more…)

December 10, 2015

Advertising with Guaranteed Click Solo Ads – My Experience

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all had a nice weekend!

My guaranteed click solo ad ended over the weekend and I was a little disappointed with the results. Maybe it was because of my lack of knowledge and how they work. I paid for 75 clicks and I actually ended up with 143 – that was impressive! I didn’t get any sales, but 57 Opt-ins. In the beginning it was converting 50%, but as you can see that rate diminished by quite a bit. Now those opt-ins could down the road turn into sales and I am really hoping for that because there is nothing like spending money you don’t have to get nothing in return. (more…)

December 10, 2015

NJ Wishes You a Happy New Year 2014 Maybe or Maybe Not

I am not very active on any of my blogs any more and I realize I probably lost some valuable friends, but hey this is my blog and I can post what I want. Now, if any of you read my last blog post – we lost our health benefits and yes we are still eligible for state benefits but I honestly want nothing to do with the state of New Jersey – I personally hate this state and when I make the money I am moving out FAST!! Have always hated it here since I was 13 – wow! And it’s only become worse with city people moving in, thinking they can convert an agriculture state to a city state. Try all you want but farmers are going to stay here – we are here to provide YOU with food and if you hate food, then I welcome you to get out of this state, because we don’t want or like you!! (more…)

December 10, 2015

Top Ten Reasons Businesses Fail (or Survive)

It’s interesting to look at all of  the top 10 lists on business websites. In fact, you can find plenty of websites listing the Top 10 reasons small businesses fail (or survive.)  And I’ve found many of these links have common themes.

And here is a similar post, this one from the New York Times! (more…)

December 10, 2015

Employee or contractor: Considerations for Small Business Owners

As a start-up or small business owner, you probably struggle with the idea of hiring new employees.  Some small business instead hire contract workers or consultants instead in a effort to save money on taxes, insurance and overhead.  But do be aware that there can be significant penalties if you misclassify employees as contractors. (more…)