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January 22, 2019

Butterfly Marketing 2.0 – What’s The Deal

Back in 2016 Mike Filsaime launched the original Butterfly Marketing Course. It was a huge hit and many saying it was a game changer. The purpose of this software is to force Internet Marketers to use viral marketing strategies they never thought of using before. Things like One Time Offers (OTO’s) and upsells.

Sure the smart Internet Marketers were already doing this but a vast majority of marketers didn’t even know anything about Viral Marketing back then. This was all done through special software that did all these things for you. I can attest to the fact that a lot of people earned a lot of money by using this software, and still do to this day.

The concept of Butterfly Marketing 2.0 comes from the theory that when a Butterfly Flaps its wings, it causes a tiny change in the state of the atmosphere. So over time what the atmosphere could have done it won’t do now because of little changes caused in the atmosphere by all the daily activity that goes on inside of it. So indirectly for example, a small butterfly could prevent a tidal wave. How this applies to Internet Marketing is that small changes you make in your business today could have drastic future effects on your business.

A good example of Viral Marketing was Hotmail. They ended up acquiring hundreds of millions of users without spending a penny for advertising. Microsoft eventually bought them out. All Hotmail did was give away free email accounts. This was big back when the Internet first started. People loved the idea of sending web based email free. Another great example of Viral Marketing was Mark Joyner’s release of Search Engine Tactics back in 1997.

It had millions of downloads over the course of it’s life. And then Yanik Silver’s Autoresponder Magic. I remember reading once where Yanik wished he would have tracked that ebook before it started proliferating all over the place. I also once released an ebook called Gary Shawkey’s Secrets, and it’s still on thousands of websites to this day.

The power of Viral Marketing is what made Mike Filsaime rich and started his career. And Butterfly Marketing 2.0 will end up incorporating a lot of these Viral Marketing Tactics as well. What makes Butterfly Marketing 2.0 different from the original version is that it will include a lot of upgrades for Twitter and Social Media. I read Mike Filsaime’s Twitter posts all the time and notice he is a big fan of Social Media. When you use this product it will be via a Software Interface with printed material you can also study.

Mike Filsaime is an expert at conversions, meaning from the time someone visits your website to the time they actually order the product, he’s very familiar with how things should be from start to finish. He’s also an expert at teaching others how to do the same with his course material. We heard he’s giving 5,000 free copies of Butterfly Marketing 2.0 away but we’re not sure how long that will last. It cost Mike Filsaime $75,000 out of his pocket to prepare these 5,000 packages for release, and you’ll be able to get this free until they are gone. Knowing him they’ll be gone quickly.

January 22, 2019

Niche Socializer Social Media Software Review

Smart Marketers wanted to take advantage of the fact that people wanted to share a feeling of community by socializing, exchanging ideas, swapping stories and learning about what’s good and what’s not by financially exploting the Social Marketing World. But they hit a brick wall that was too high to climb. Social Networking is about interacting with people not selling to one another and most Social Networking Websites look down on any type of promotion.

What this created was a gold mine of opportunity just waiting for you to scoop up some profits with an armed guard waiting to shoot you if you try. This situation was pretty hopeless until Niche Socializer came on board. What this is in laymens terms is special software you install on your own server that will allow you to launch your own Social Networking Website like Facebook or Myspace. Your average person could not afford the hundreds of thousands of dollars of programming it would cost to launch a website like this.

Niche Socializer was developed out of frustration by serious Social Marketers looking to cash in on their fair share of the Social Media Frenzy. Since they kept hitting brick walls, they decided to develop the software themselves that would allow the average people to go into a niche and capitalize on the power of Social Media, since with your own copy of Niche Socializer you make all the rules in your niche now. No virtual armed guards waiting to pull your account if you make a commercial post.

What makes Niche Socializer the perfection solution to the Social Networking problem is it allows you to ride the Social Networking Wave without using someone elses Surfboard. You can create your own Social Media Website to target any niche you choose. One of these websites has everything a thriving Social Media Community craves. You’ll have a site where people will swarm to your front door to get in, and once they’re in, they’ll want to stay forever at their new virtual home you control. That’s the concept and the power behind what this software does.

With Niche Socializer you don’t have to worry about moderators who won’t post what you want. No more asking permission to promote a product. No more jumping through hoops to see who sees what offer and how often. No more paying for little side ads just for a scrap of the profits. This softare is the Social Networking Platform you need to allow you to get your fair share of the Social Media Profits out there.

A price for Niche Socializer hasn’t been released as of the time of this writing, however it will be within a week or so and by the time you actually read this there will be a price. I have no idea how much it will be, I wasn’t even clued in to a ballpark price. Over 300 people posted on their website and no one else was clued in. It will be interesting to find out. I do know that as of now, 3 Beta Testers they had try out the software all made multi thousands of dollars per month within a few short months.

I think the key to using Niche Socializer properly if you decide to get it isn’t just to randomly go into any Niche Market. The key is to start a Social Media Website using Niche Socializer in a niche you know a lot about and are also passionate about. They do have great training videos that not only teach you how to get the Website up properly, which they say takes less than an hour, but how to effectively market this website within your chosen niche as well.

January 22, 2019

Traffic Sage Pro SEO Service Review

I love doing reviews on Internet Marketing Services. Especially when I’ve known Mike Ambrosio which is one of the owners for over 6 years personally and have done successful business with them in the past. Traffic Sage Pro is owned by Mike Ambrosio and Ron Douglas. I can attest to the fact that Mike Ambrosio is one of the nicest people I’ve met since I’ve been online. He also currently is on Mike Filsaime’s staff, so I wanted to take a minute to review this service for you.

One of the more popular trends I see coming down the Internet Marketing Pike and one of the most profitable Internet Marketing Businesses someone can develop is offering full marketing services like Traffic Sage Pro to businesses that don’t have the time do market these themselves. For example you may have a marketing model you know for a fact is a six figure earner. You’ve even tested this offer and you know it converts. You know with more traffic this one Internet Business can retire you, but your time is non existent. As long as you’ve budgeted a fair amount of money to market it, you are in luck.

What Traffic Sage Pro does isn’t just one dimensional. It really is a system that does every type of lead and traffic generation system known on the Internet for your businesses. A services like this can definitely get you a lot more traffic from the first month. It’s almost like hiring Agents of Value in the sense that you can just walk away and monitor your Google Analytics after hiring this company. They offer services that range from Article Writing and Submission, Marketing With Videos, Social Bookmarking, Press Release Distribution Services, Getting hundreds and thousands of links back to your website, Posting on Blogs and Marketing Your Website on Targeted Forums. These are all proven methods to get tons of links back to your websites.

And with this service you’ll receive about 40-50 hours of work per month done for you. This service allows you to leverage your time that can be spent planning for business growth verses just working on your business. They have a team of over 50 people from Bangledesh and India that sit at terminals and work full-time performing SEO Related and other Website Promotional tasks for their clients. Their promotional team is broken up into unique units with specific Website Traffic tasks that are unique to that team. So as a client of theirs its possible to get a unique strategy that will work best for your website but might not work for someone elses.

Luke Parker is a Traffic Sage Pro client worth mentioning. He gets almost 500 Unique Visitors per day to his website generated solely from this service. This website is in a health niche and is only promoting ad sense in addition to one Revenue Sharing Program on it. Just by doing this Luke is getting almost 500 hits a day within just 3 months. Now if he can make this work with adsense, which imho is the best kind of income you can get, almost like the Federal Government check of Internet Marketing because it’s so secure, then imagine what you can do with an Elite Marketing Model or a Continuity program offering something free up front.

They offer the Traffic Sage Professional Account at only $497.00 per month. They also offer a discounted $297.00 per month Novice Plan that includes a lot of the features as the Professional Account. My advice is make sure your website is monetizing or converting at least decently before you signup for this service. If it does this service can be a life changer for you. But you’re wasting your money if you don’t have a business or niche you’re trying to promote that’s at least tested.

January 22, 2019

A Review Of Crack Marketing Internet Marketing Consultant Services

Marketing your business on the Internet has a lot of components that must be adhered to for the strategy to be successful. There are some techniques that work well on their own, but the trick of Internet marketing is to use a combined effort that will bring traffic to your site from a variety of sources.

Crack Marketing Services is an Internet marketing business that offers marketing strategies to business owners that will help the new business online as well as established off line businesses making their first foray into the online business community.

When you visit the site you will find a selection of services that you can utilize for your Internet marketing strategy. The company provides an Internet marketing consultant service so that you can get more personalized attention for your company and begin to draw traffic to your site. There is a good variety of services on the site that you can choose from to keep your costs in line with your marketing budget.

There are some testimonials and case studies on the site that will show you how the service has worked for other businesses. Some research on the site will show you that this Internet Marketing consultant team has vast experience in a variety of different types of businesses.

The focus of Crack Marketing is on the customer. There has been an extensive amount of research conducted by the team to find out what customers are looking for from their Internet marketing consultant. Typically you will find a marketing business focused on telling the customer what they need and not listening to the needs of the customer. Crack marketing does things a little different by surveying their clients and implementing the features that clients want to see.

Along with the marketing work, businesses will find website design services from the perspective of a marketing firm. Designing the right website, as any online business person will tell you, is a part of the overall marketing strategy. Including both of these services in one site gives the business owner a more convenient way to get their online business up and running.

Crack Marketing is a site that will help a business that is not familiar with Internet marketing get the plan and strategy that they need to build a following and bring traffic to their site.

Businesses that wish to handle their own Internet marketing can also hire the services of a trainer from Crack Marketing who will teach everything that the staff needs to know to handle marketing in house. Marketing online may not be rocket science, but there are some techniques that work and some that do not. A business can save a great deal of money by training their staff and handling everything within the business.

Overall, this site is a comprehensive way to market a new or established online business. There is a variety of services to choose from and learn with Crack Marketing. Make sure that you weigh the pros and cons of the marketing service that you choose for your business and determine if the service fits in with your strategy and budget.

January 22, 2019

Online Best Surveys Expert Review

Oh another one of those darn Survey Site Scams. This is what I thought and is a natural thought process of people looking to Make Money From Home doing surveys with sites like Online Best Surveys. Actually let me take a minute and clear the air right here. Survey’s for big companies exist and they are as real as it gets. Yes they will pay you good money for helping them with their market research. Big companies would rather pay you than bomb a marketing campaign that could cost them millions of dollars.

However the problem with Working From Home doing Surveys isn’t the big companies. Like I just mentioned they are legit and will pay you well for your time. What left a scar on the Survey Industry were companies that sold the idea of Making Money with Surveys sold bogus databases or outdated information. The same thing goes on with Stuffing Envelopes and MLM. The concept of MLM is great, but so many shady companies came in and corrupted the Industry that the industry as a whole now has a tarnished reputation by many. This doesn’t make the opportunity or idea of taking surveys itself bad.

I didn’t realize until I took a peek at the Online Best Surveys sales letter, that you can make $45,000 per year doing nothing but taking surveys for companies. Of course you can make less, maybe a bit more depending on your efforts. Surveys are usually just a few pages with about 10 to 30 questions. Sometimes once they get your response they’ll ask you to fill out a second series of questions, but by participating in an extended survey like this you will get paid more. There are also things called Focus Groups. These are like surveys but traditionally longer forms that could take you days or even a week to complete. When you join this service you can take surveys or take part in Focus Groups or any combination thereof.

Once you join Online Best Surveys you will receive a list of companies that will pay you for Taking Surveys or participating in a Focus Group. These companies are thoroughly researched by Online Best Surveys and only then are they added to their database. If for some obscure reason these companies don’t pay what they agree on, they are removed from their list of contacts. This way as you peruse this Online Database as a member, you can be rest assured that you won’t be wasting your time contacting dead beat companies. The companies they add to their database are very reputable companies who have been doing this for a long time and that follow very high business standards.

Other than an Online Internet Connection that’s all you need to get started doing this. That’s why the people who actually put in work and take Survey’s From Home have a very high success rate in this business, it’s a Work From Home Business that costs almost nothing to start. In fact you don’t technically need a computer to access this information. If your public library offers a computer you can access that to get all the information you need. Usually the Library will let you print out this info. I noticed they also offered quite a bit of bonuses for joining. Like How to Get Paid to Drive, Getting Paid by Passing Out Free Samples and How to Get Paid to Read Emails.

I was happy to find out they are giving out a $40.00 coupon code off their retail price of $79.00 which would make the total price of the package only $39.00 after applying the coupon. Just a few surveys and you can make your money back. Sure you can try to find companies on your own but that could get very labor intensive after a while. By joining them you are actually putting all the work in their hands. So yes we feel that this is a very real opportunity but only if you are willing to work it. It’s a Work From Home Job but money in the bank for people that like to do this.

January 22, 2019

What is the Micro Continuity Internet Marketing Strategy?

In case you’re not familiar with the term Continuity Program, it’s a fancy way of saying the word recurring or over and over. A Recurring Program in Internet Marketing is a program where you will get billed on a regular basis. The most popular type of Recurring Billing Program is once a month, but people also do once a week and you can actually make it anyway you want. It’s actually very easy to set one of these up, just as easy as a one time payment. If you’re using 1 Shopping Cart and just about all gateways will allow you to easily setup recurring payments. The possibilities are unlimited, where you can even setup a system that bills a 3 day $1.00 trial for example and then bills them $29.95 per month every 30 days.

What Micro Continuity is by definition is a Continuity program that has a definitive start and finish date. For example a program that offers 12 videos over 12 weeks and charges recipients on a recurring basis is a Micro Continuity program. A service that charges a monthly fee until they cancel isn’t a Micro Continuity program, it’s just considered a regular continuity program.

This concept has already been applied broadly in situations like Mentoring Programs, specialized training courses, etc.. But only a very small handful of people even understood what this was, and the few that are doing it are making hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars that consistently apply this Internet Marketing Strategy. Russell Brunson is offering a Mentoring Program based on Micro Continuity and says that you can actually implement one within 24 hours.

One of Russell Brunson’s students A.J. Brown did 3 million in sales online because of similar techniques taught in a similar mentoring program. A.J. makes his money in the Stock Market teaching thousands of people how to make money in the Stock Markets, so the principles in Russell’s mentoring program applies to all markets, not just the Internet Marketing Niche. A.J. can sleep well at night knowing his students received real value. Another one of Russell Brunson’s students Jamie Wartol had a stay at home Vinyl Business where she was cutting Vinyl Lettering. Now she’s teaching a lot of other stay at home moms how to do start the same business she’s doing and making a lot of money teaching others this business.

Now I need to add that Russell Brunson’s Micro Continuity program offers more than just the concept of Micro Continuity. His system also teaches the principle that giving a physical product away free first is the way to go, then back ending the customers on your Recurring Program. He’s not just speculating this will work, he’s done thousands in research and has proven over and over that this concept works. He’s also very realistic about how many people will stay in your Continuity Program and that the average is just 3 months.

So what Russell did was go through figures on how much someone can make offering a $1.00 trial verses giving something away totally free and just charging for shipping. His hard data resulted in consistently 10x the conversion rate. His pitch is that if you can give just one CD away for free, you’ll earn over $20,000 per year and if you can give away 5 CD’s a day that’s roughly a six figure income.

The Micro Continuity Program starts by breaking down each step of the system in detail and shows you how to set it all up.
It starts with a Squeeze Page offering someone a Free Video offering them some information of value. Step 2 after they subscribe to your newsletter you give them the secret in the 2nd video. Then after this you offering them a list of 7 more secrets on a Free DVD or CD, all they have to do is pay shipping and handling to receive it. Then after they receive this CD/DVD is when you try to back end market them on your Limited Recurring Program.

Also explained in this mentoring course are awesome secrets people use to get more and more people to request these free CD’s. There are a number of cutting edge Internet Marketing Strategies Russell teaches to train you from giving out one CD per day to many per day, if you apply the techniques he teaches you in his Mentoring Program. So first he teaches you how to get the infrastructure nailed, then he goes on and teaches you how to scale it. I watched the video and I must say I learned a lot of great techniques for ramping up the system and I already know a lot about SEO. My favorite tip was to submit RSS feeds to different directories.

I’ve already written over 2000 articles on various niches and each article directory I write for has it’s own RSS feed as my name for the author. I didn’t even realize there were places I could submit my RSS feed to, so I really ate up that tip and plan on trying that soon myself. It could quadruple our article business overnight! Plus he has Craigslist Software that will let you safely mass advertise to people on Craigslist after you enter certain keywords. This is probably the most information packed video I’ve ever received for free. Russell Brunson charges $3000 for participation in this program and as of this writing the program is closed, but he said he may open it again in the future.

January 22, 2019

Ozworth Live Continuity Program Summit Review

I have to admit that Membership Sites and Continuity have been my weak point for the last six years although I did have one very successful Autoresponder Service that made over a million dollars in Continuity Income. But I was brought in as a partner and didn’t really understand the dynamics of it and just managed the service. I can tell you though I got really spoiled and this was the easiest income I’ve ever made along with MLM Income. But I have to humbly admit that this has been really bothering me not knowing this stuff.

I’ve been wanting to launch my own Continuity Program but always get stuck either on the technical issues surrounding it or always wondering what content I should put out and concerned if the content I provided ended up being the value the customers were searching for or would it make me the bad guy. These questions always made me fearful of setting one up and most people teaching it were wanting thousands of dollars plus plane tickets and hotel fees, just over what I could afford at the time.

Before I go any further, let me define what a Continuity Program is. Basically it is a membership site where you are paid on a repeated or recurring basis. $39.95 per month is common as is $19.95 per month. Russell Brunson took it a step further and went over Micro Continuity which is a Continuity Program that has a definitive start and finish date.

Russell Brunson also broke ground by proving mathematically that it’s 10x more profitable to offer a free physical lead in product as opposed to a $1.00 free trial. The benefit of Micro Continuity is that you don’t have to produce additional content to get paid over and over from the same customer. And even if each person only stays for 3 months the income you can make giving away free DVD’s or CD’s can be six figures if you can just give away 5 free CD’s per day.

Don’t get me wrong, we have websites that produce right now over 1,000 hits per day, and within a year or two we should be at 10,000 Unique Visitors per day. So when it comes to generating leads on the front end I believe I can hold my own long-term with a lot of these million dollar earners, at least with what I know now I’m pretty sure I can. Well in all honesty I have a few brushup SEO lessons to learn when it comes to this but I’m pretty much up on this stuff and Jeff and I have 2 PR4 borderline Authority Sites to prove it.

But our backend conversions are almost non existent right now and that is scary. So Jeff and myself finally admitted we need lots of help in this area. We are really dying to learn this system. We’re also checking out Jimmy Brown’s Membernaire system as well.

Million Dollar Internet earners like Mark Joyner, Ryan Lee, Matt Bacak, Russell Brunson, David Frey, Stephen Pierce, Mike Litman and several others will be speaking at this event. They claim to be going over 31 different continuity models, so it’s just a matter of picking which one is right for you and running with it.

They are even offering an Organized Chaos session where you’ll be able to pick someone to start a Membership Site with as well as swap Blog or Newsletter ads with. You will even get free beer and wine served. This event will be hosted on May 15-17 2009 at Stamford, CT at the Stamford Hilton Hotel. They are letting everyone in, at least at the time of this post for only $300.00. Residual Income Continuity Websites are probably the most profitable thing on the Internet but very hard for most to wrap their brain around when it comes to technical issues, how to deliver the content, etc..

January 22, 2019

Getting Retribution on Sellers Who Don’t Honor Sales Guarantees

This is just a post regarding my thoughts on how a Sales Guarantee should be handled from the customer as well as the sellers or merchants perspective. I was thinking about this for a while tonight. Yes the thought hit me so I wanted to share my thoughts with the Blogosphere tonight and see if anyone had a similar opinion.

Anyway regarding guarantees most companies offer a 60 day or 30 day guarantee. I feel the customer is responsible for abiding by the guarantee stated by the merchant, even if the merchant (seller) states there is no refund guarantee. I have to agree that there are plenty of good reasons in certain circumstances not to offer any type of guarantee. This can be done in the case of certain information you received and agreed to pay for so as a customer you’re in a position to rip the seller off just by reading the material first or downloading a stand-alone software product that you are now able to use.

As a customer purchasing a product you should be entitled to a basic level of customer support in case you get stuck somewhere along the line using the sellers product or service unless they specifically state that they don’t offer support on their Website and you agree to purchase their product under these pre-defined conditions.

It’s also popular for sellers to offer Sales Guarantees that state they’ll give you a full refund or even extra cash if you diligently work the system for the agreed period of time. Make sure you follow all the merchants rules for this, and if you can’t get anything moving go ahead and ask for a refund, or at least some extra support.

Personally I never ask for a refund on a product unless its an outright scam. The truth is the people in the field put out the best information products for the best prices. But many of these people have knowledge most don’t because they’re operating inside the Internet Marketing trenches, but besides that, many may not be well known with the Internet Marketing Guru circles yet. But my Business Partner and myself purchase a lot of these inexpensive products because it really keeps us current in the Internet Marketing Trenches.

If the seller flat out ignores you and your Refund Request and you’ve made several attempts to contact them to no avail, then is the time to contact the bank and request a charge back. However I strongly advise that you use this option only as a last resort as doing this will place a Charge Back on their Merchant Account record. In all honesty if they offer a Sales Guarantee and don’t get back with you at all, they are basically frauding you and they should get what they deserve.

If they get back with you but they are procrastinating or making excuse after excuse, whatever you do please be polite as possible. I say this because if they ended up spending the money and they can’t afford to pay you now, they may be able to sometime in the near future. So I’d give them a little time to make good on your Sales Guarantee. If they don’t you have all kinds of leverage to make life rough for them provided you have the time to invest to do so.

January 22, 2019

Ad Blast The World In Depth Review

Ad Blast The World doesn’t seem like your typical type of List Building service. What they do is provide different packages of Co-Registration leads as well as a service that will send your ad out to hundreds of thousands of Double Optin Leads every month. I’ve made a lot of money in the past promoting these types of services, as well as made sales using these. The problem with most of these List Services is that you just get junk leads with no follow-up support.

I think Ad Blast The World goes a lot further toward being legit. In one video that was made for this service someone who is successful using it made a video. The first thing he said is that you don’t want to hard sell these people, and stressed how important this was not to do this. Instead take them to a squeeze page and offer them something of value for entering their name and email into a subscribe form. You can get more sales than you ever thought possible if you market to them right.

Once you signup there’s a very cool pdf file for you to download. But before you do this you should get Pando which is free software. You don’t have to worry about getting stuck because they have a Download Guide to Co-Registration Leads you can read also. This pdf will tell you everything you need to know about using Co-Registration Leads including how to use Pando.
He emphasized that none of this was particularly difficult. They also have a series of sample emails you can use to get people into your personal autoresponder sequence.

That’s what Ad Blast The World has that the other services don’t. When you first join you just get leads. Then you take these follow-up messages to try to get them to opt-in to your autoresponder. Then later after they’re a subscriber of yours you can try to hard sell them. Jonny Andrews who is a successful Ad Blast The World customer also mentioned he liked the free software called GroupMail. The personal edition is $139.95 and the Business Edition is $349.95. Once you’re a member and have GroupMail you’ll get a spreadsheet and you just simply load it into the software.

This is supposed to be a very user-friendly process. This is what is making me think that this is a very good service. He started a brand new Aweber list called nothing down. He used the software and leads and I was actually able to view screenshot proof that from April 28th through May 12th he was able to generate over 160 Double Optin Leads with this service. Considering the Standard Plan which he used is only $49.95 per month, he was able to monetize his membership very well and proves this system could be a fast way to generate Double Optin Leads.

Ad Blast The World does have more expensive packages, but I’d recommend trying the $49.95 per month plan and see if you can monetize this plan first. Then if you’re successful, by all means upgrade to one of the more robust plans. Jonny Andrews also mentioned and suggested in the video which is also mentioned if the pdf manual you’ll receive, that once you send someone an inexpensive offer up front, then back-end market a relatively inexpensive continuity program to them. If you do this and follow this procedure from soup to nuts, you have a great chance of making this program work for you.

January 22, 2019

Copy n Profit Google Adwords Course Review

I don’t do many personal reviews, but sometimes that review bug just hits me enough to drop everything I’m doing and write a review on a new innovative idea.

Not sure it’s a coincidence or just plain luck, but another Google Adwords course has just been released called Copy N Profit. The fundamental philosophy behind this Google Adwords Course is that you don’t have to guess at success, you just simply copy what works and run with it. In fact even one of the testimonials given on this page is that Bill Gates didn’t spend years testing and trying to find out what worked, he had others do it and simply took their ideas and made a fortune with them.

I guess what I’m saying is that since I’ve seen quite a few big marketers on their site endorsing this Google Adwords Course, and since I’ve seen quite a few emails going out about this, I’d give it my personal opinion, both good and bad.

Let me start with the negative first. My first impression is with all the people that will probably end up purchasing Copy N Profit, I think only a few Beta Testers will get real value out of the actual campaigns they’re selling. That’s not to say it might not work to an extent, but when you have 1000 or more people setup similar campaigns in similar niches, it’s just not gonna produce the same result as it would if you discovered it on your own.

And this is the core component they are promoting with the Copy N Profit Google Adwords System. However, and ironically not advertised much but down towards the bottom of the sales page, they did say they would teach anyone how to setup campaigns like this using a step by step blueprint style method.

Right now Jeff West and myself are learning the basics of Google Adwords. We are learning a ton of stuff. What we do know is that a Blueprint Style Methodology can teach you a lot, so there IS value in this just because of this, but the only way to make an Adwords Campaign successful in the long run is to do a lot of testing, find out the keywords that are converting and drop the ones that aren’t producing.

So I think there is value in this course because of this aspect alone. The other positive I see in this course is as of the time of this writing it’s only $77.00, although it does seem that they are going to try to upsell you on something. But the upsell didn’t seem to be over $300.00.

So because of the low price of the Copy N Profit Google Adwords Course and because you can learn an AWFUL LOT by studying someone elses successful campaigns, and I mean this data is invaluable, you should be able to identify specific patterns in these and apply these to other niches. That being said, for this low price, we have to give it a thumbs up.

We also honestly believe that in the coming months you’ll see a ton of these types of courses come out. Just copy what the successful are doing so you can become an instant success. Or according to our theory, copy what the successful people are doing so you can reverse engineer it, identify patters to use in other niches that every Copy N Profit customer won’t be in. Then you can make a good chunk of change with this system.