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January 22, 2019

Review of The Sky High Auctions Advanced Ebay Course

Individuals love making money with eBay because they don’t have to join some program, get others to join and spend months trying to make a dime. While anyone can make a buck or two on eBay, haven’t you ever wondered how the top power sellers make large sums of money? You know, the kind that can literally change your life and those around you forever. We’ll get into all that below because we want to help you make money as well.

When we first came across the Sky High Auctions information it was a little daunting. This was actually in a good way though which you’ll see in a minute. They offer a lot of upfront information instead of trying to hide everything. Probably because eBay is so well known and it shows they want to help you get to the same place the big boys/girls have for the last decade even if you sell Deer Hunting Videos on ebay. Soon you’ll figure out whether or not you want to take the leap into SHA.

What’s In The Marketing Course?

To be quite honest we really can’t list it all here. After they figure that your wondering the same thing the answers just keep on coming. In fact it felt like this was their entire pitch and it was actually pretty close. You name it we probably found it on their landing page and really are left feeling comfortable about getting involved if we were into eBay ourselves. We’ll give you a few of the things you’ll learn from them.

One of the first things which we imagine are extremely important is how to use all the tools that eBay offers. One of the questions they ask is, “If you know about them, are you using them?” We imagine most people don’t, which is why they brought it up in the first place. Beginners will enjoy video lessons that can make the experience so much easier. Plus showing you how to use great titles and text to get the most from your auction.

Another avenue to look into that they share is being able to have people continuing to bid on your auctions by using a few specific words. While they don’t share exactly what those words are, we do believe there are specific things you can say that will enhance your total bid count tremendously. Most importantly they show you how to get the highest amount of money possible for each item you put up for sale.

Our Overall Analysis

We really don’t know where you can wrong with getting information from fifteen of the highest paid online eBayers. After looking at a lot of the testimonials on their website there a several of them who are big name players in the game. This lets you know that even experts have picked up the Sky High Auctions information to better their individuals businesses on eBay. So if you’ve always wanted to learn the ins and outs of eBay then getting all of their secrets could be the next step on your list. Hopefully you’ll make the kind of money they are in no time at all.

January 22, 2019

What Jimmy Brown’s Membernaire System is All About

For those of you who aren’t aware, my business partner and myself have been banging our heads against the wall trying to find a solid solution for learning and implementing Continuity Websites before we found Membernaire by Jimmy Brown. We took a very close look at a couple of different options which include Russell Brunson’s Micro Continuity Coaching Program which costs about $3,000.00. We also looked at the Ryan Lee Seminar in Connecticut.

The Ryan Lee Ozworth Continuity Seminar only costs only $300 to attend, a much better deal. But there were of course also plane ticket and hotel costs to deal with. And you can bet there will be expensive Internet Marketing Coaching Program upsells here. I really wanted to join Russell’s program but just don’t have 3k laying around at the moment.

So what does someone do if they are a good person, are interested in learning how to do this but don’t have 1-4k to spend to learn and start implementing Continuity into their Internet Business Model? We decided on Jimmy Brown’s Membernaire program for a few reasons. First of all, he is the grandfather of Membership Based Websites and we know this for a fact. All Russell and the rest did was take Jimmy’s teachings, expand on them and figured out ways to make them convert better, then turn around and sell higher priced seminars based on this information.

Not only do I prefer learning from “The Source”, I also prefer to not spend an arm and a leg to learn something. Some will claim that if you spend a small fortune to learn a new skill that you’ll feel morally obligated to apply it since your wallet is on the line. In our case anyway that’s not true. I have lots of discipline that dates back from my USMC days. Wanna know something interesting? What Russell Brunson calls Micro Continuity is what Jimmy Brown terms a Fixed-Term Membership. Both are similar in the respect that both have a start date and an ending date.

The other thing I’m excited about joining Membernaire for is because these lessons are delivered once a week over a 52 week period, yes an entire year. And his price is less than $30.00 per month. No seminars, crazy upsells or anything. Each lesson is 2-5 pages, but beefy action oriented pages. It’s up to you to take action, and he doesn’t usually awswer personal emails regarding his course material, but it’s broken down in a way anyone will understand even if you are brand new to the Internet Marketing scene.

So with Jimmy Brown’s Membernaire Course you’re learning the same exact thing at a very small fraction of the price. In fact he opened Membernaire then closed down the doors on it for six months since he was only offering 1000 spots. And he’s not the type to employ trickery to incentivize you to purchase something. My business partner and myself are bound determined to implement Continuity in our marketing model in 2009 so for us this decision is a no brainer.

But before you join you should at least have an idea of what product you would like to sell or at least be thinking about a product idea. But you don’t need one to start. There is a lesson in the Membernaire package that will help you with ideas in starting a product. Also regarding starting a product, look at your competition who is already doing the same thing and use the Membernaire techniques to bring it to fruition in a very short period of time.

January 22, 2019

Article Video Robot Expert Review

Well, robots are becoming ubiquitous household items these days–at least, they are on the Internet. The latest robot to come along is the Article Video Robot. This is a truly amazing creation just from the “clever technology” perspective. But for those people who are professional writers and network marketers, this might be a tool that could make them a lot more money.

The Article Video Robot end-user concept is simple: you write an article. You paste this article into the window in the software program. In about three minutes, you’ve got an up-to-10-minute professional-looking video that is ready to be uploaded at YouTube, Video Jug, Meta Cafe, your website, content sites like Associated Content, and any other place you can find that publishes videos on the Net.

Internet marketers have been using article marketing on the Net for some years now, and they know it works. But we also know that video marketing also works. The Article Video Robot gives you the best of both worlds–for every article you can bang out, you can also quickly, easily, and cheaply produce a video. It’s like writing a book and then also making money off the movie version!

Now, this robot’s real power is in its ability to make Internet video production as do-able for writers as Internet writing is. If you aren’t sure why that needs to be done, let it be known that there are some obstacles to making high-quality, professional-looking videos for the Internet for the average person. Videos get indexed into discoverable places in search engines much faster than articles do.

*To get the good quality video making equipment you need, you have to lay out about $1000. Then, if you really go all-out to make a top quality video and you need to use a voice-over professional, you are looking at $10-$25 per minute. The robot makes the video cost you about 97 cents per video, if you pay the $97 monthly fee and make the 100 videos that that price gets you.

*A lot of people struggle with learning how to make quality videos once they have the equipment. This costs them a lot of time, and if they keep making bad videos that don’t get them any business it costs them a lot of money. But this program is virtually automatic, leaving you little “screw up” room.

*It is very difficult to manually submit a video to 20 or so different content sites. A lot of times the process winds up taking hours. Not so with the Robot.

*How do you find the right footage, images, photographs, and music to make a quality video? This can be very hard, and possibly very expensive. But the Robot takes care of all that, too. With your account you get access to 5 GB of hard disk Royalty-Free stock photos in the image library and hundreds of music files for you to use in your videos.

*Using social bookmarking for manually submitted videos can be a nightmare. This software makes it easy.

*Many videos never get much action because the video editor doesn’t allow them to be unique enough to stand out. The AVR account gives you a specialized, high-end video editor that will take care of this problem–and it doesn’t cost you even an extra dime.


We have to give two thumbs way, way up to the Article Video Robot! There’s nothing like this, and with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee what have you go to lose if you want to make your article and video marketing explode?

January 22, 2019

How to Earn An Income From Home Blogging 1-2 Hours Per Day

I know there’s a lot of people out there that don’t have any real big money to invest in Internet Marketing Courses and just need an easy, simple way to Earn An Income From Home that actually works. If I was stripped of every nickel I had from my bank account and was given a budget of just $100.00 to start an Internet Business with, here’s what I would do.

First I would pick a Niche to get into that I was passionate about. Maybe you’ve been successful in the past selling Insurance. Or maybe you’re the top Real Estate Sales Person on your city. Or perhaps you are a Botanist and know everything someone would want to know about Flowers.

All of these niches have great Affiliate Programs. My point is you want to go into a niche that is easy for you to write about, one that is commercially viable and one that won’t give you writers block. Because whatever niche you choose, in order to become an authority in that niche, and in order to Earn An Income From Home in that niche, you’ll need to be prepared to do a lot of writing. The more the better. I will explain more later in this article.

I would then go and spend under $10.00 and purchase a domain name that you like, think others will like and that represents the Niche you want to be in. Then I would get low cost website hosting also under $10.00 per month. Then finally I would get Carl Ocab’s Ultimate Blogging Theme at $67.00. Right now you are still at under $100.00 and this is all you really need to invest to get started.

Earn An Income From Home Using This Proven Blueprint

After you get your Blog installed and working properly, the trick here is to write content and lots of it. Sure you can hire a ghost writer, but doing this will cost you money and if you know your niche chances are writing will be fun and natural. This is why I say it is so important to pick a Niche you really are passionate about.

Each day write 1-5 articles on your Niche Topic. My magic number I shoot for is 3 per day. First post them on your blog with pictures. You can review other companies or use the Google Keyword Research Tool and write articles based on Long-Tail Keywords, which are keyword phrases that are at least 2 words long.

If you were a botanist for example you might find public domain photos which are all over the place by the way, and post a picture of a different type of flower on each blog post you create and review every type of flower there is. This will make your blog posts much more attractive.

After you write your blog post, take that exact same post and write a description and author bio for it. Then submit this post to all of the major article directories that allow duplicate content. You are allowed 2 links in each author bio. Make sure one of them points directly to the blog post you just created. The other one can point to your main page or to a related affiliate program within that domain. Almost all of the major article directories currently accept duplicate content and if they don’t you’ll know, they usually tell you right on the submit form.

Once or twice per week find blogs on your niche topic and intelligently participate in the comments section. Let them know how much you know on the subject. Don’t just post one or two lines they will get deleted in almost all cases. Post a good 2-3 paragraphs and link them to your blog.

Don’t expect to see much in the way of sales activity until your blog gets to around 300 pages. This could vary by niche but this is the general rule. Remember by writing and submitting articles you are building momentum, and this takes some time to start. Our MLM Website averages about 800 Unique Visitors per day, and each article we write gets us about 1.5 unique visitors per day on average.

There are 2 main ways to monetize a blog. By monetizing it I mean making sure it is setup to make the most money possible from the traffic you are sending to it. One way is to get a free Google Adsense Account. Doing this takes 5 minutes and Carl Ocab’s Ultimate Blogging Theme makes it easy to setup Adsense on your blog.

The second way to monetize it is with Affiliate Programs. As you write your reviews and build out your blog, use the Simple Link Cloaker Plugin which is also free. Then hyperlink this URL about 3-5 times in every blog post and hyperlink your blog images. We’ve had great success sending people to Affiliate Sites using this method.

As you can probably tell by now learning how to Earn An Income From Home really isn’t about having a bunch of money up front to spend. In fact it really won’t help you much at all in the Blogging World. It’s more about consistently adding quality content to your blog and getting a steady supply of backlinks from the Article Directories and related blogs. Once your blog reaches 500 Unique Visitors per day or more, you can even request other Blog Owners in your same Niche to do Unique Content article swaps.