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January 22, 2019

Designrr PDF Software Creator Review

The Absolute Best PDF Creation Software Hands Down

This is the exact PDF software that I use to create amazing reports for myself and my clients. Why? Because you can simply imput a url and have it converted to a beautiful pdf with a cover in minutes.

How does it work?

  1. Input your url or regular text.
  2. Hit the button and it will convert it into a pdf document for you.
  3. Select a template for the cover.
  4. Choose background image and edit the text.
  5. Save and publish.

It is literally that simple. No tech skills required.

What if you have problems?

There are tutorials and the customer service team responds very quickly. I am extremely impressed with the support that they provide.

How does it compare to Adobe?

I find it much easier to use than Adobe for creating beautifully formatted pdf documents fast.

Can you edit PDFs with this software?

If you create a pdf with this software you can always go in and edit it because the project is saved. Once you make the changes, you just save and publish it again.

Will this Run on Windows or Mac?

This is completely cloud based software so it does not matter what type of computer you have. You just log into the website and create your documents, all you need is an internet connection.

So How Do I rank this Software?

This is the only thing that I use to create pdfs for myself and my clients period. They are thrilled with the results.