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September 02, 2016

Doing My Summer House Cleaning

I cleaned up around the house today and then I started working on the storage building. I ended up filling up the trash can very quickly and then I had a big pile of stuff for after the emptied it Monday afternoon. Another pile I put in stuff that I could take to the scrap yard. In fact it is barely worth it with how low scrap metal prices are this exact moment. I think it is around forty cents a pound for aluminum. That is why I started to let the boy down the street take the aluminum cans that we have. We put them in a blue plastic trash can, once I used to crush them up and save them in plastic garbage bags. It used to be well worth the effort, but back then you could get around a dollar a pound for the cans. It is not worth it when you only end up with half as much money though.

I found all sorts of things that I did not know that I still had and I decided that I would try to clean up some of the things. Of course it is amazing what you can get for random things on the internet if you try hard enough. I knew a guy who would go around to thrift stores, yard sales, estate sales and Goodwill stores buying stuff. Most of it was just bric a brac. He would put it on the auction sites and some of the time he would turn a pretty good profit on the random things that he was selling. I mostly want to get rid of the stuff that I do not need, but it is obviously better if you can sell the stuff. It is better to get something for it.