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January 22, 2019

Foreclosure Short Sales Real Estate Review

Well this was the beginning statement the Foreclosure Short Sales Real Estate Course was going to have to live up to as we researched their sales page. At first we skipped over the testimonial and subscription box, but when we came back to the testimonial we found where the $25,000 came from on their page. They weren’t necessarily saying you would make that money, but someone from Hawaii did.

So What Do You Learn?

Well, how does purchasing homes 30%-50% below market value sound? This is only one of the many informational tactics and tips that the Foreclosure Short Sales Real Estate Course covers in their product. However, you may enjoy other areas like how to create instant equity, building huge profit margins, and why financial institutions need to discount loans. The point is they should have enough to help you become very knowledgeable on this subject.

The farther you get down their sales page, the more you’ll find available. If you’ve wanted to learn how to negotiate deals with owners who are having problems, this course says they will teach you. Everything else revolves around finding properties and foreclosures, negotiating with banks, financing the properties with various techniques, but most importantly getting a quick turnaround and making a large profit.

Bonuses to Enjoy

In the end, it’s all about short selling and we haven’t even covered the other twenty-plus benefits they post on their sales page. There are a substantial amount of bonuses available for those of you who like extras. In all there are five that give you more complex information regarding foreclosure laws, resources, all the contracts and forms that will be used, along with foreclosure listings.

However, it’s the email support that drew our attention to the Foreclosure Short Sales Real Estate Course above anything else. You don’t see sales pages like these offer to personally answer any questions you have within a 48 hour period. Usually they are just trying to make money and don’t really care about your interests even though it may sound like they do.

Our Overall Analysis

Truthfully? The email support sets the Foreclosure Short Sales Real Estate Course apart from many of the other informational products out there on the same topic. If you’re still unsure as to whether or not this is for you, then read the testimonial right after the list of bonuses. It could help you feel at ease and realize that this is something you should dive into if you want a future in this industry.

So when you get a moment be sure to read over all the material they are providing for you. When it’s all said and done you could be calling yourself an expert in the foreclosure industry and leaving testimonials yourself about the experience. Good luck.