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January 22, 2019

Getting Retribution on Sellers Who Don’t Honor Sales Guarantees

This is just a post regarding my thoughts on how a Sales Guarantee should be handled from the customer as well as the sellers or merchants perspective. I was thinking about this for a while tonight. Yes the thought hit me so I wanted to share my thoughts with the Blogosphere tonight and see if anyone had a similar opinion.

Anyway regarding guarantees most companies offer a 60 day or 30 day guarantee. I feel the customer is responsible for abiding by the guarantee stated by the merchant, even if the merchant (seller) states there is no refund guarantee. I have to agree that there are plenty of good reasons in certain circumstances not to offer any type of guarantee. This can be done in the case of certain information you received and agreed to pay for so as a customer you’re in a position to rip the seller off just by reading the material first or downloading a stand-alone software product that you are now able to use.

As a customer purchasing a product you should be entitled to a basic level of customer support in case you get stuck somewhere along the line using the sellers product or service unless they specifically state that they don’t offer support on their Website and you agree to purchase their product under these pre-defined conditions.

It’s also popular for sellers to offer Sales Guarantees that state they’ll give you a full refund or even extra cash if you diligently work the system for the agreed period of time. Make sure you follow all the merchants rules for this, and if you can’t get anything moving go ahead and ask for a refund, or at least some extra support.

Personally I never ask for a refund on a product unless its an outright scam. The truth is the people in the field put out the best information products for the best prices. But many of these people have knowledge most don’t because they’re operating inside the Internet Marketing trenches, but besides that, many may not be well known with the Internet Marketing Guru circles yet. But my Business Partner and myself purchase a lot of these inexpensive products because it really keeps us current in the Internet Marketing Trenches.

If the seller flat out ignores you and your Refund Request and you’ve made several attempts to contact them to no avail, then is the time to contact the bank and request a charge back. However I strongly advise that you use this option only as a last resort as doing this will place a Charge Back on their Merchant Account record. In all honesty if they offer a Sales Guarantee and don’t get back with you at all, they are basically frauding you and they should get what they deserve.

If they get back with you but they are procrastinating or making excuse after excuse, whatever you do please be polite as possible. I say this because if they ended up spending the money and they can’t afford to pay you now, they may be able to sometime in the near future. So I’d give them a little time to make good on your Sales Guarantee. If they don’t you have all kinds of leverage to make life rough for them provided you have the time to invest to do so.