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June 16, 2016

Graduating from Bland Style and Quietness to Designer Sunglasses and Strong Opinions

I remember my aunt always wearing bland clothing and not being really talkative at family get-togethers. I did not know it until I was older that she had a very rocky relationship with her husband. He was a rough man that would have been labeled an abuser if he was alive today. He was loud and obnoxious and ruined his liver. A couple of years after he was gone my aunt met a nice man. His personality helped bring her out of her shell to the point she is now fit, has nice hair, wears designer sunglasses and looks like a fashion model every day.

I can hardly believe the transformation. She is now more than willing to join in the conversations at family events, and I found out that she has some strong and quite valid political and other opinions. She is extremely intelligent, and full of life and energy. It just goes to show you that the influence of significant people in your life can make a huge difference in how you express yourself as a person. Her first husband suppressed every good thing about her. Her second husband nurtures and encourages her to express these good things.

She is a very beautiful and kind person. She is almost 60 and looks like she is 35. We were out to a lunch once, and she was wearing new jeans, a youthful looking blouse, had a designer handbag and was wearing her ever present designer sunglasses on top of her head. The host asked me if she was my sister! She was not just being kind either. She really thought my aunt was my sister. She does look very young for her age. Her first husband could not see past his own problems and was selfish. My new uncle is not a selfish man. He is the guy young girls reading romance novels dream they can meet. I am so happy that my aunt met him. She deserves this level of happiness in her life even if it did come along a little later.