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December 17, 2016

How Singapore is Preserving Natural Spaces with Urban Development of Condos

We did not want to have to move again for at least the duration of our careers. We actually have been planning diligently for our retirement since before we met one another. My wife and I have a goal to retire early. We have saved and invested and now can afford a luxury place to live. We looked at the Bellewoods EC in Singapore and could not resist putting in an application for a condo unit on the top floor. We like being up high in the suburban areas so we can see the horizon and open sky.

After a long day at work, I am looking forward to sitting out on our balcony with my wife as we watch the sunset. Having breakfast outdoors when the weather is spectacular is appealing as well. One of our favorite pastimes is swimming, and this is what really got us interested in Bellevue EC in Singapore. They have an elaborate water feature offering. There is a children’s pool, and that will be for our little one we are expecting in the spring. Plus, there is a large spa pool, a 50 meter infinity pool and even an Aquatic Forest pool. That one is my favorite. The pool is built into an area with manufactured islands that are planted with trees and grasses. You can swim around the islands under the shade of the trees.

I have been to other places in the world, and Singapore has some of the most unique residential properties I have ever seen. I think it is amazing how our urban condos utilize space to make enjoying natural environments possible even though you are living in a condo. The limited space we have on the island makes our architects and designers come up with innovative ways to have natural areas for residents of condominiums to enjoy in the most urban of locations.