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December 10, 2015

How to Get More Facebook Fans Using 22Social

post-300x168Does your business have a Facebook fan page? If it doesn’t, you really should have one. While fan pages are not getting the attention they once received, I have a new way that you can bring more fans and keep them engaged.

Have you heard of the 22Social app? It is a mobile friendly app that is easy to use and makes it easier to draw fans to your page.

You can see an example at my Fan Page – Path to Marketing Success

Benefits of 22Social:

  • You can use it to give away something free – whether it be an eBook, training material or whatever you want. In order for the person to get that free info, they will have to first like your page
  • You can host live training events on your fan page using the Google Hangouts (which I have never used by the way – ha).  Your fans will be able to interact with you right there on your page without having to use another application – love this feature
  • You can actually sell something on your page using this app. So, if you have a product out there, you could actually offer a discount for fans only.
  • You can offer a coupon for any type of product
  • You can have meetings for your team members in any type of business
  • This app works for any type of business, not just internet/affiliate marketers. If you are a real estate agent, teacher, restaurant owner, hair salon, auto mechanic, etc – this will work for you!
  • There are just so many ways you can use this mobile friendly app – it really is only limited to your imagination

How Much Does it Cost?

Well, you can try it for free if you want. You can only use it for 1 fan page. If you have more than 1 fan page, you can take a 30 day trial to Pro for only $2 and then every month after it will cost you $22. But, here is the BEST PART!! If you go Pro, you will get an affiliate link. Promote that affiliate link and get 3 paid members under you and Pro is yours for FREE!!

I am not an affiliate, just a partner but the partner program closed a few months ago and I got in on the very tail end of it. Being a partner I am able to teach you all how to use it, which is what I try to do on my fan page. It is really easy to use and 22Social has lots of training available, as well plus every Tuesday they have live hangouts where you can learn even more about the app and get your questions answered live.

I love this app and since it is available to try for only $2 (I would take the upgrade because you can do so much more with it) you really are doing your fan page a favor. You will be able to attract more business, leads (Oh I didn’t even mention that part – your fans will automatically go into your favorite mailing program like Aweber, GetResponse, etc).  See, there is just so much to the app that I didn’t even mention some of the other features. But go watch the video and give it a test drive for yourself. I do think you will love it as much as I do

I want to know – have you ever heard of 22Social and if not do you think this will work for you?