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January 22, 2019

How to Sell Your Home in 21 Days or Less Real Estate Review

Troubled times sometimes bring on extreme measures and even though you may not want to sell your house, sometimes it’s inevitable. Since 2008 has brought several house foreclosures, we imagine if you found this page you really don’t want that to happen to you. So when we came across the How to Sell Your Home in 21 Days or Less informational product, we had to find out if it would benefit you.

Why Use a Realtor

The first benefit we thought about when viewing the How to Sell Your Home in 21 Days or Less informational product was that this could possibly alleviate a Realtor all together. What is the commission today still 7% or is it more? That comes out to be a large chunk of money at the closing and something we imagine you would like to keep in your own pocket, especially if you’re trying to sell your house faster.

Just Your Average Joe

One thing to understand is you don’t have to be a Realtor yourself, or some sort of real estate investor to make this work for you. In fact, Pete Iannelli is just like you. He’s from Florida, has a house, a car, and everything else you would normally think. It just so happened that in 2007 he was having some serious problems trying to sell his house and needed to get out from under it.

A thousand bucks a month it was costing him to basically look at it. Long story short it was empty and the only thing he was getting out of it every month was a hefty bill. In fact, when it got down to the nitty-gritty he even lowered the price $30,000 just to get rid of the thing. Keep in mind this was through a Realtor mind you and after the first month he still didn’t have any results.

Making The Breakthrough

After basically feeling as though he could do better on his own, Pete took matters into his own hands. What he ended up finding was an unbelievable niche that allowed him to sell his house within twenty-one days. All by using the classified ads section in your local newspaper (this will be highlighted on his sales page). He ended up with several offers and a profit of $76,000. Definitely a far cry from the $30,000 grand he was going to give up before.

Our Overall Analysis

There are several testimonials towards the end of his page that talk about the abilities of having this information before you decide to sell your home. So it’s evident that for the low cost of $39.95 it will save you thousands of dollars. Definitely the kind of ROI we like to see, but it doesn’t matter what we think about this program. Why? Well, you’re the one selling your house right?

The difference here is it depends on if you want to spend forty bucks, and do it on your own or if a Realtor just seems more reasonable. Whatever you decide is up to you, but for the cost, the How to Sell Your Home in 21 Days or Less information could make it happen faster. Oh, not to mention save you money. Did we say that already? Well, you know what to do from here.