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December 10, 2015

Is Your Blog Secure? WordPress Plugins to Help Secure It

Over the past few weeks I have had  a tremendous amount of people trying to hack into this blog and my FreebiesnDeals blog. It’s really ridiculous as to what I have found and the question that really boggles my mind is WHY??

Why Would Someone Want to Hack Into Your Blog?

This is the question we all want answered and I must admit, I don’t really have an answer except that I am located in the US and they like the way my blog looks? I know living in the US doesn’t really matter, as I have friends in the UK that also go through the same thing.

So, my question to you is – why do YOU think they try to hack your account?

  • Is it because they want to steal some sort of information?
  • Do they truly like your site and want to call it their own?
  • Do they do this just for the h*ll of it? For a thrill maybe?

Or is it something more – I want you to answer this in the comments below.

Plugins to Help Detect Hackers

But FIRST, I want to tell you about two different plugins that I use. Now, last year I told you about how to install and set up Limit Login Attempts and I told you how you can block IP addresses through your cPanel. Since I own several websites and have them all hosted on one account, I can only block IP addresses for my main account. So what do you do if you have several websites on one hosting site?

The answer is……………… IP Address Blocker. I only use the Lite version, but it seems to work, for the most part. Here is a screen shot of it (click on it to see it full screen and some of the blocked IPs – ha) and I suggest that you check off the box “Display blank page to the Banned User”.  I only say this because I have punched in the same IP a few times, yet they still attempt to try to hack into my account. This way, when they come to your blog they will get a blank screen rather than an attempt to login.

One more important note is that today I had 30 different IP addresses trying to use “moderator” for the username – I don’t know why you would use that or the most popular “admin” but if you are using them and stupid passwords such as “password”, “password123″, “12345″ or some other obvious password, you really need to get your head examined and need to think of something off the wall or find a password generator to use or you will indeed get hacked into!

And something else I thought was interesting was these people come from not only Russia, but other foreign countries and they are using US Ips registered to foreign lands like Bangkok. So, while it may be a US IP address, some how they are using them to mask their identity. If you do a quick search on any IP you can get the inside scoop. Maryland seemed to be a popular one this weekend. I didn’t do a thorough check up on that one – kinda reminds me of the Russian guy who was responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings. If you remember, that guy’s uncle was from Maryland. I just picked a random IP out of the 30 today and that’s when I discovered the Bangkok one with a US ID.