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OuestMap is a community whose aim is to share your opinions, your recommendation and your tips for going out. Also you will have the opportunity to create your public or private event to send your invitations with the date, location, description in all simplicity. We make every effort available and our most powerful applications to get you maximum comfort for navigation of the site.
As you know your city has multiple shops and services that sometimes we ignore their benefits, prices, quality of service … This is why Oùestmap gives you the opportunity to find the professional that is, their coordinates , phone numbers, all the information we need and so we hope eventually you will share your views and experiences.
All of us the view is different, and that’s the whole point of our site to bring together the views! If you are talking to another member of Oùestmap, be polite and respectful to him and his ideas.
Stay poliTout offensive or abusive will not be tolerated on Oùestmap. The same goes for defamation on a professional or a community member.
Oùestmap is the ideal site to leave reviews of what you think your neighborhood, good or bad … The other members want to read your stories, your experience and your own opinions. Oùestmap does not accept to see opinions “copied and pasted” of previous opinions or other sites. Use your own words, be original, you distinguish yourself! But be careful to respect the Intellectual Property Rights. You must have all the rights to use content (photos, video …) that you upload to the site.
We trust you to act in accordance with these principles. If still someone contacts us to give us an abusive, offensive or illegal by you, not by respecting the Terms of Use or this Charter, we would be obliged to take, after checking the content, the necessary measures, namely to erase certain notices and suspend, remove see, your user account
Also Oùestmap entitles users to reference companies and local services on the Site. Companies and close corporations added by users must be accurate and proven. They can not be referenced more than once on the Site. The company must:
• include the name of the brand and activity;
• include the exact coordinates,
The company that wishes its delisting on our site, it can be requested by using the contact form on the website or by clicking “Report an error” on the relevant page.
If you are the owner institution, ensure that this advice is objective and register as the owner of the place.
Any blatant advertising found in the notices will be automatically removed.
If you are in close relationship or acquaintance with the owner also specify it.
PS: this also applies to comments, discussion forums or other areas of the site where you can write.
If you register as responsible for the address, it allows you to:
• receive a message when a user writes on establishment.
• to fill your company profile to describe the most of your services.
• to prove that you are open to criticism and so correct or challenge the working method.
• to write a self objective description and publish it as such.
• to comment on the critical review and to present you as the head of the institution. You might even consider some form of compensation for the customer if the criticism seems justified you.
• to resolve a conflict, you can simply send a message to the member via Oùestmap. These situations can often be resolved quickly by discussing directly.
• encourage your satisfied customers to express their opinion on Oùestmap. Plus you will notice positive and less negative criticism will weight.
Face the criticism, stay calm and do not run away from your future customers!

If you want to criticize a trade Oùestmap, this is possible but certain rules must be respected:
In principle, as a user does not write about abusive and / or offensive, any form of criticism is welcome. Oùestmap intervene only if:
• there is blatant commercial intent
• the content is offensive or insulting
• the content conflicts with the law of the country in question
The authors of the opinion can edit or delete their mind at any time. In case of threat or legal risk, we reserve the right to delete any notice and to exclude the user.
Please, pay attention to how you express your criticism, stay constructive and objective. This way, you give the institution a chance to avoid the same mistakes or improve in the future. Always specify your criticism is a personal opinion. The internet critics can have a very negative effect because they are always available. Oùestmap does not wish to cause difficulties for businesses.
If you have spotted a breach of the code of conduct, please let us know. A notice may be described as abusive.
In each case, thank you justify why you consider that this notice is abusive. Where the complaint is justified, we will investigate each case and we will delete the content in question immediately.
Threats or abuse opinions, comments or emails in Oùestmap system can have legal consequences and may lead to prosecution.
What you need to do on Oùestmap:
• Be polite: politeness and respect are in order at Oùestmap
• Let us know if you have any doubts about an opinion if it is abusive, offensive or illegal, click “reporting a mistake” and we do the rest
• You remain responsible for the content you post on Oùestmap (photos, views, comments …): If anything happens, we will not be responsible for the consequences
• Frustration, advancing unfounded or make personal attacks arguments are contrary to the principles of the Charter and the Community is the simplest way to make enemies
• Forgetting that everything you download can be seen by all: be aware of your privacy and be respectful of the sensitivity of other users. Anything you add to the site (opinions, comments, photos …) is public and will remain online