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September 02, 2016

My Parents Are Helping Me out with My Big Move

I decided that it would be a good idea to skip going to a community college and apply for school at a big university instead. I had previously thought about sticking close to home, but when I thought about how a small community college would look on my resume compared to a well-known school, I figured it was best to go with the smarter route. So, that meant apartments for Raleigh NC students was on my schedule after I got into the school there. I could already feel the excitement of the new and upcoming experience before I even set out to find a new place.

My parents were not happy when I told them that I had originally been thinking of staying in a school dorm. I thought dorm living would be just fine, but both mom and dad said they did that when they went to school. They both found it to be a very big distraction that took away from focusing on homework, studying for tests and more. That is when they told me that they would pay for me to live in a nice apartment. They both felt it best that I do not live with roommates, who could cause trouble with big parties or bringing a lot of friends over when I should be studying. I am a big homebody, so I was happy about this. I was not interested in living with anyone would who would be trouble either.

They went with me to find a new place. Mom used to live in Raleigh, so she knew the area quiet well. She was quite adept at getting around town. They helped pick out a new apartment for me and they put down a deposit. It looks like I am ready to start out my new life very soon.