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May 15, 2019

Our Sales Numbers Needed to Improve

We have a great group of people who work at my company, but somehow the sales numbers were just not as impressive as they had been in the past. I know that we lost a few really good sales people, but I thought that the remaining ones would be able to pick up the slack. I knew that if I did not do something though, that it might be too late with how much the numbers were decreasing with each quarter. I did an online search for sales training, knowing that was exactly what we needed.

I was able to find a company that has in person training, and I liked everything I saw on the website where they described exactly what they teach. The actual program takes three days, and those are full days at that. The class starts at nine in the morning, and it is not over until five in the afternoon. Each class is small, with only six to eight people in each one. They even include the resources that are needed in addition to a lunch as well as drinks. I talked it over with the three managers who report directly to me, and each one felt that this was definitely worth doing.

The cost was not cheap, but I would have been concerned had it been. I absolutely do not mind paying for quality instruction, and that is exactly what my three managers were able to get there. They were able to learn the art of sales, something they all thought they had already possessed but quickly learned they did not. They learned the skills and goals needed to improve our numbers as soon as they taught their own team members what they had learned. The course definitely worked for my company, and I am so happy that the numbers are going in the opposite direction once again!