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January 22, 2019

Ozworth Live Continuity Program Summit Review

I have to admit that Membership Sites and Continuity have been my weak point for the last six years although I did have one very successful Autoresponder Service that made over a million dollars in Continuity Income. But I was brought in as a partner and didn’t really understand the dynamics of it and just managed the service. I can tell you though I got really spoiled and this was the easiest income I’ve ever made along with MLM Income. But I have to humbly admit that this has been really bothering me not knowing this stuff.

I’ve been wanting to launch my own Continuity Program but always get stuck either on the technical issues surrounding it or always wondering what content I should put out and concerned if the content I provided ended up being the value the customers were searching for or would it make me the bad guy. These questions always made me fearful of setting one up and most people teaching it were wanting thousands of dollars plus plane tickets and hotel fees, just over what I could afford at the time.

Before I go any further, let me define what a Continuity Program is. Basically it is a membership site where you are paid on a repeated or recurring basis. $39.95 per month is common as is $19.95 per month. Russell Brunson took it a step further and went over Micro Continuity which is a Continuity Program that has a definitive start and finish date.

Russell Brunson also broke ground by proving mathematically that it’s 10x more profitable to offer a free physical lead in product as opposed to a $1.00 free trial. The benefit of Micro Continuity is that you don’t have to produce additional content to get paid over and over from the same customer. And even if each person only stays for 3 months the income you can make giving away free DVD’s or CD’s can be six figures if you can just give away 5 free CD’s per day.

Don’t get me wrong, we have websites that produce right now over 1,000 hits per day, and within a year or two we should be at 10,000 Unique Visitors per day. So when it comes to generating leads on the front end I believe I can hold my own long-term with a lot of these million dollar earners, at least with what I know now I’m pretty sure I can. Well in all honesty I have a few brushup SEO lessons to learn when it comes to this but I’m pretty much up on this stuff and Jeff and I have 2 PR4 borderline Authority Sites to prove it.

But our backend conversions are almost non existent right now and that is scary. So Jeff and myself finally admitted we need lots of help in this area. We are really dying to learn this system. We’re also checking out Jimmy Brown’s Membernaire system as well.

Million Dollar Internet earners like Mark Joyner, Ryan Lee, Matt Bacak, Russell Brunson, David Frey, Stephen Pierce, Mike Litman and several others will be speaking at this event. They claim to be going over 31 different continuity models, so it’s just a matter of picking which one is right for you and running with it.

They are even offering an Organized Chaos session where you’ll be able to pick someone to start a Membership Site with as well as swap Blog or Newsletter ads with. You will even get free beer and wine served. This event will be hosted on May 15-17 2009 at Stamford, CT at the Stamford Hilton Hotel. They are letting everyone in, at least at the time of this post for only $300.00. Residual Income Continuity Websites are probably the most profitable thing on the Internet but very hard for most to wrap their brain around when it comes to technical issues, how to deliver the content, etc..