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July 29, 2016

Ran in Ino This Guy I Know

I was downtown the other afternoon and I ran in into this guy I used to work with. We were both in the pharmacy and I looked up and saw him looking at this youtube link, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-xrmutu0uq. Of course I did not recognize him until he started talk. This guy has this really unique voice, it is really awesome when where you talk to the girls. He sounds like one of those guys that you hear on the radio voice over thing. Of course he never says the stuff that he needs to say, but it always comes out side ways or something. It is really strange. He has these perfect pipes and the guy can not figure out how to use it.A lot of guys would make all sorts of money off of this voice, because there is not any reason why he can not be the guy who talks over the commercial when when GM is trying to selling you a pick up truck.

At any rate I happened to know this radio guy I met and I was telling him about this guy. At any rate I called him up on the phone and let him talk to this guy. Of course he was blown away by his voice and he wanted to get him to go in there to do some voice over work. I can not believe it, but the guy did not want to do it. Of course you are getting paid a whole lot of money to read the words off of a piece of paper while you are standing in front of a microphone. I am not sure how much money it is it, but it seems like you could not really go wrong since you can be done in a couple minutes.