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July 29, 2016

Setting Up a Home Business

I am getting ready to set up a home business, since I am not quite ready to retire and I am already collecting a pension from the state of North Carolina. I started working for the Department of Transportation when I was fresh out of college, after having spent a couple of summers working on road crews. I need a few things that I do not already have, my wife thinks that I need a pay stub maker. However I am not really sure if that is something that is going to really be that big of a deal, the first thing is going to be making money. After you figure that out you are going to want to worry about the stuff like that. In fact I figure that for the time being all of the income is going to be soaked up by the need to invest in equipment.

It would be pretty easy to set up a web page, but I have no real skill in that. What I know how to do is to manage projects. The state had me manage very big projects, but I am assuming that I would be better off managing small ones. You can not just start out building highways, although you can get contracts. The thing that I am going to focus on is the simple stuff, parking lots and driveways. You need those things every place that you go and of course the idea is not to actually do the work. It would be something where I would hire the people who did the work and look over their shoulders to be sure that it was done right. That may seem like something that is not really essential, but the guy who is building a shopping center has no time to worry about every little thing.