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December 10, 2015

Small Business Trends: A Promising Future

I have always believed in the power of individuals to rise and take their own future into their hands. Whether we create a business spontaneously because we have a brilliant idea or grasp an opportunity or even go on our own as the consequence of economic downturns, we, entrepreneurs are the engine of the economy.

We ARE the economy.

The creation is only the first step though.  Growing and sustaining require hard work, skills and the ability to listen. Listen to our colleagues, employees, competitors and to the global market.  Success also requires to reach out to and to support our fellow entrepreneurs within our own communities.

Launching  a new business has never been so easy and inexpensive and unless you are opening a fancy boutique or plan for a global corporation, today’s technologies allow you to work from your living room and to “go mobile”.

This is only the beginning….

Here are some very interesting points and trends that we and the next generation should consider.

Intuit 2020 Report: 20 Trends that will Shape the Next Decade (PDF)

Three Trends that will Shape the Next Decade: Herman Miller

Hot Business Trends for 2012; Fox News

Small Business Trends: USA Todays

What do you think are the top trends that will affect small business?


Thierry Dubernard

Thierry Dubernard, a French native with 25 years of small business experience, is the owner of Blue Frog Business Services. Thierry has an MBA in Finance from Mercer University in Atlanta. He ran a software sales and distribution company in France for 5 years and, along with his wife, opened the US office of Promethean, an educational technology company based in the United Kingdom. Thierry managed the operations side of the house including the setting up of the accounting and bookkeeping system as well as all other operations including warehousing and distribution. Thierry is detail oriented and loves working with entrepreneurs starting small businesses, enabling them to relax about the operations side of the business and focus on growth.