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September 02, 2016

There Are Easy Ways to Do Your Research

It is so interesting how I need to stay on top of things in the Internet world. And I do exactly that so that I can make sure that I don’t fall prey to any hoaxes. To illustrate, I got an email from no-reply@accounts.google.com and I thought it was the real deal. I almost clicked on it to send a reply, before I realized that the email may be from outside source. I went looking, and I found that exact thing to be true.

I love that we have such a great search engine to find out things these days when we are unsure of something. I do searches all the time when I need a definitive answer. So, when I searched on the email address, I found a really helpful site that explained that it’s a phishing email, and I should not click on it or make any replies to it. I am so glad that I checked, because as I said before, I was almost fooled and I almost clicked on it.

After doing some further reading, I learned that it is best not to click on anything in my account when I am not sure of who the sender is. I have a lot of friends who contact me, and I even have a lot of companies that do. And when it comes to companies, I try to wave my mouse cursor over the email address of anything that looks outside of the ordinary. When I do this, I then look down at the bar on the bottom of my browser, and it shows me if it is the real address, or if there’s another odd looking email address that doesn’t belong to the company behind that real looking email address. This helps me to stay away from falling for phishing scams. It is so easy to do.