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January 22, 2019

Traffic Sage Pro SEO Service Review

I love doing reviews on Internet Marketing Services. Especially when I’ve known Mike Ambrosio which is one of the owners for over 6 years personally and have done successful business with them in the past. Traffic Sage Pro is owned by Mike Ambrosio and Ron Douglas. I can attest to the fact that Mike Ambrosio is one of the nicest people I’ve met since I’ve been online. He also currently is on Mike Filsaime’s staff, so I wanted to take a minute to review this service for you.

One of the more popular trends I see coming down the Internet Marketing Pike and one of the most profitable Internet Marketing Businesses someone can develop is offering full marketing services like Traffic Sage Pro to businesses that don’t have the time do market these themselves. For example you may have a marketing model you know for a fact is a six figure earner. You’ve even tested this offer and you know it converts. You know with more traffic this one Internet Business can retire you, but your time is non existent. As long as you’ve budgeted a fair amount of money to market it, you are in luck.

What Traffic Sage Pro does isn’t just one dimensional. It really is a system that does every type of lead and traffic generation system known on the Internet for your businesses. A services like this can definitely get you a lot more traffic from the first month. It’s almost like hiring Agents of Value in the sense that you can just walk away and monitor your Google Analytics after hiring this company. They offer services that range from Article Writing and Submission, Marketing With Videos, Social Bookmarking, Press Release Distribution Services, Getting hundreds and thousands of links back to your website, Posting on Blogs and Marketing Your Website on Targeted Forums. These are all proven methods to get tons of links back to your websites.

And with this service you’ll receive about 40-50 hours of work per month done for you. This service allows you to leverage your time that can be spent planning for business growth verses just working on your business. They have a team of over 50 people from Bangledesh and India that sit at terminals and work full-time performing SEO Related and other Website Promotional tasks for their clients. Their promotional team is broken up into unique units with specific Website Traffic tasks that are unique to that team. So as a client of theirs its possible to get a unique strategy that will work best for your website but might not work for someone elses.

Luke Parker is a Traffic Sage Pro client worth mentioning. He gets almost 500 Unique Visitors per day to his website generated solely from this service. This website is in a health niche and is only promoting ad sense in addition to one Revenue Sharing Program on it. Just by doing this Luke is getting almost 500 hits a day within just 3 months. Now if he can make this work with adsense, which imho is the best kind of income you can get, almost like the Federal Government check of Internet Marketing because it’s so secure, then imagine what you can do with an Elite Marketing Model or a Continuity program offering something free up front.

They offer the Traffic Sage Professional Account at only $497.00 per month. They also offer a discounted $297.00 per month Novice Plan that includes a lot of the features as the Professional Account. My advice is make sure your website is monetizing or converting at least decently before you signup for this service. If it does this service can be a life changer for you. But you’re wasting your money if you don’t have a business or niche you’re trying to promote that’s at least tested.